As a survivor, you may be questioning whether being part of a broader survivor membership is really for you. Well the answer is YES!

Introduction to Membership

The vision of the Survivor Ambassador Panel has been conceived with you in mind. It is for you, and others like you, who have first-hand experience of forced marriage and/or honour-based abuse.

This is the first survivor network in the UK dedicated to child marriage, forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

This network is for you to tap into, share your experiences (if you wish) and hear from survivors across the UK.

As a member, you can expect: invites to events, access to survivor stories, shadowing/development opportunities and lots more like a birthday card!

We have created this safe space for you, so we encourage you to sign up now and become a part of our Survivor Ambassador Programme and share the vision we have created for you and future generations.

Survivor Ambassadors has helped me realise that I am not alone and it has given me a platform where I can share my story and help others.

Survivor Ambassador Pav

Why become a Member?

The purpose of the UK-wide Survivor Ambassador membership programme is to reduce the isolation of survivors by connecting them to one another.

Our members are brave and together we are a formidable team with huge amounts of creativity, enthusiasm and the ability to change things for the better.

What do you get if you are a Survivor Ambassador?

  • You’ll be the first to hear about what Karma Nirvana is up to.

  • We’ll invite you to events and conferences around the country.

  • You can access our dedicated website  to share experiences via our forum and blog.

  • You’ll receive our members-only monthly and quarterly e-newsletters.

  • We’ll send you birthday cards and updates on other survivors, from graduations to births and reconciliations with estranged family members.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to generate change for victims of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

  • We’ll provide ongoing support and advice.

  • You’ll be offered the opportunity of representing Karma Nirvana in your area.

The Survivor Ambassador Programme has given me strength I never knew I had.

Survivor Ambassador Jaria

How to become a Member

If you want to make a significant and positive difference for others by sharing your personal experiences of honour-based abuse and/or child/forced marriage we want to hear from you.

You can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or in your own name. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. What’s important is building an understanding around how honour-based abuse happens and how your engagement can and does help to raise awareness to reach others and prevent these abuses.

Your contribution, large or small, is hugely valuable to us. Your safety is paramount, so however you want to contribute, we’ll work with you. Let's talk!

For people who are interested in speaking out publicly we can provide training opportunities to help you become more confident in sharing your story, and provide speaking platforms at training events, talks and/or conferences.

We can also enable your development by supporting you to become a trainer, provide opportunities, if you wish, to speak to policymakers and charities who are dealing with these abuses.

Join us in breaking the silence.

Get involved