Survivor Ambassadors Community

Ours is an emerging, evolving new community, we have existed for many years and now we are forming so that you not only hear about us but see and engage with us.

What would you do if you were forced to marry against your will or conform to expectations that profoundly undermined your human rights and sense of self?

Many people live with honour-based abuse and/or forced marriage for the sake of their family. Increasingly however, individuals are refusing to suffer in silence and are choosing to rebuild their lives, embracing their new found freedom, rights and independence. They are leading lives that once they could only ever dreamed of doing, be it with, or without their families. It IS possible.

Survivors often live their lives with fractured identities, disowned or estranged from their families, rejected as 'shameful' by their communities.

It is, in fact, their abusers who should be ashamed as we advocate survivors as the most honourable of beings.

Honour-based abuse and forced marriage survivors bravely stand against oppression at the hands of the people who should have shown them the greatest love.

They survive in the face of tremendous adversity, and our growing community of Survivor Ambassadors benefits greatly from stories, practical advice and emotional support.

“I always knew I was one of many. You just don’t see or hear us. But we are now the roar in the jungle, and I stand by my decision at 16, as my children will never inherit this legacy of abuse. I also know that I am part of a community of survivors, who alongside friendships, I regard to be my family today.”

Jasvinder Sanghera

Join us in breaking the silence.

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