Children and
Honour Based Abuse

The impact of forced marriage and honour-based abuse is particularly difficult for children who can be both victims, pawns and onlookers while others are abused.

Our work at Karma Nirvana frequently includes helping survivors who have children in the aftermath of forced marriage and honour based abuse.

We recently heard from a survivor who bravely stood up to her family and obtained Forced Marriage Protection Orders through the courts for her children in order to safeguard them from the same fate she experienced — thereby breaking the cycle, so that her children will not inherit legacies of abuse.

Shakila’s story is shared on this website. She recently shared the news of how, in the absence of her family and facing immense obstacles, her daughter secured a place at a top Grammar School. Now that’s what we call a ‘proud mum’ moment and it was against the odds. Families often set you up to fail so we wanted to tell you how you must think about your children’s future. What you do, and don’t do, will impact on their lives.

It is crucial that children are recognised as victims and survivors in their own right and offered appropriate support.

Children and young people can call our Honour Network helpline in confidence 0800 599 9247

Survivors present talks in schools and colleges sharing their stories and raising awareness about support services and importance of how you must not attempt to mediate with families in these cases. If you are a survivor who would like to be developed to deliver a talk in a school, click here.

If you’re worried about your child, if they are being distant or their behaviour has changed significantly, you can get advice and information from the following services:

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