This represents me, I am free without seeking permission from anyone.

"There is life after a forced marriage and I'm living proof of that!"

I left home at 13 following an ordeal of an engagement and with a forced marriage looming. I was born in a traditional Afghan family, the youngest of five and the only girl. I was promised at birth and the expectation was I would go ahead with the marriage to keep the family honour.

I ran away from Bradford and came to London. I was disowned by my family because I brought shame upon them by running away and calling the authorities. My dream was to go to college and then university and make something of my life instead of being married off and a housewife.

I wanted to live my life instead of having to answer to someone, so I left what I knew behind to embark on a journey. There is life after a forced marriage and I'm living proof of that! My story continues, and every day is a journey. I would like to see change and hope that the next generation continues to fight against this abuse and continues to fight to see change. 

What has been the impact of becoming a Survivor Ambassador?

Being a Survivor Ambassador has been empowering for me. I have got to do things I would have normally not done, i.e. writing blogs, interviews, school training. I feel the Survivor Ambassador Programme and Karma Nirvana is where my calling is. I am able to work on an issue I feel passionate about.

I love my job, but I love being a Survivor Ambassador more. I feel that there is a purpose for me and I am making a difference.

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