Why we do this

Why We Started the Survivor Ambassador Programme.

Karma Nirvana was founded on survivor experience of Jasvinder Sanghera. It is underpinned by survivors dedicated to supporting and working with those who've been impacted by child marriage, force marriage and honour-based abuse.

Survivors often remain isolated and can become cut off from families and everything they've ever known. Imagine waking up tomorrow and never seeing or being part of everything that was once so familiar to you and being made to feel as though it was your fault. This is a reality for many. Their journeys have to be heard and supported to help protect future generations. 

Tragically many don’t escape; men, women and children commit suicide and are even murdered every year in the UK. Families are motivated to commit such crimes as they believe victims have brought ‘dishonour’ to their family and wider community. 

The Survivor Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for those who’ve lived a life that expects you to live by the rules of an honour system, to understand how to live a life that embraces rights, freedoms and all that Britain stands for. The panel helps them to understand that this is not wrong, and furthermore is achievable either with, or without, your family.

What we do is a testament to the people who are courageously rebuilding their lives, often in the face of many challenges and risks. 

Join us in breaking the silence.

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