What we do

The Survivor Ambassador Programme is growing and far reaching. You can become involved with any aspect of it, either anonymously or in person. We always put your safety first and can support you in sharing your story without ever identifying you.  

National Survivors Membership

Our vision is to develop a national database of survivors in recognition of this newly emerging community, that will seek to support the journey of empowerment and new found freedom. If you sign up you will receive regular newsletters sharing the journeys and successes of other survivors, who will share how in the darkest of days they overcame key hurdles.

We know at times on this journey you can miss your family and some days feel worse than others such as Eid, Diwali, Christmas and birthdays. As a member we wish to remember you and let you know that we have not forgotten, so on such days it is our vision to send you cards, reminding you how you not alone and part of a new community.

Survivor Ambassador Regional Panels

Our vision is to develop Survivor Ambassador regional panels across the UK who will provide vital first-person insight on issues of forced marriage and honour-based abuse to local government agencies and community safety partnerships so that survivors remain at the heart of policy and practice.

Survivor Ambassador Platform

This website belongs to you, the survivors. It is your meeting place, a safe space that will be sensitively moderated by Karma Nirvana. This space will support you to be open about your experiences, learning from the experiences of others as stories and useful information will be shared and you will be accessing a space shared with other survivors across the world.


Survivors will be given the opportunity to shadow the work of the Karma Nirvana team and  undertake training to present Karma Nirvana's message at events such as at schools, meetings, conferences and more. This is not only a great way to meet other survivors, but also to build the skills that can support your personal and professional development.

Join us in breaking the silence.

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