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Individuals from all backgrounds, genders and communities can become the victim of abuses perpetrated in the name of so-called family honour.

Those who manage to escape honour-based abuse and forced marriage risk becoming isolated from their immediate/extended families and communities.

Karma Nirvana is a charity enabling victims and/or survivors on this journey in providing empathy, support and options with these life changing decisions.

The Survivor Ambassador Panel was established in 2013 and enables survivors to come together in a safe space to share stories with like-minded individuals, reduce isolation and develop a new emerging community. It is for those who wish to rebuild their lives, often in absence of family or living with fractured relationships. 

The panel is ever evolving, shaping and informing policy and practice. Many members embrace opportunities to speak at events and training sessions, as well as share their stories in the media. This website is dedicated to growing this community's membership. 

Through a digital community dedicated to conversation and support, regular newsletters, conferences, residential programmes and campaigns for your rights, we enable survivors from all backgrounds to find a sense of belonging, understanding and a way to move forward together.

Our vision is to empower survivors to live fulfilled, independent lives embracing all the rights and freedoms of life in Britain.

Join us in breaking the silence.

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Survivor Ambassadors Community

Ours is an emerging, evolving community.

What would you do if you were forced to marry against your will or conform to expectations that profoundly undermined your human rights and sense of self?

Many people live with honour-based abuse and/or forced marriage for the sake of their family. Increasingly however, individuals are refusing to suffer in silence and are choosing to rebuild their lives, embracing their new-found freedom, rights and independence. They are leading lives they only ever dreamt of, be it with, or without their families. It IS possible.

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Why We Do This?

At Karma Nirvana we are dedicated to supporting and working alongside survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

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Meet the Survivor Ambassadors

Men, women, and children from all cultural and religious backgrounds have survived honour-based abuse and forced marriage.

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